L&S: First-Year Pathways


Welcome to Berkeley!

With L&S First-Year Pathways, you can take a thematically-linked “cluster,” which consists of a central hub course and two “wing” courses linked by a common theme. The “hub” courses are small, seminar-like settings and the “wing” courses are large lecture courses, it’s important to note that you’ll experience all three courses with the same small group of 25 students in a discussion section. All three courses will fulfill separate L&S breadth requirements, so you can move forward with degree progress from your first semester.

In the video below, former Pathways students share their experiences and talk about the benefits of the Pathways program in greater detail.

Interested in learning more?

Check out our exciting clusters for Fall 2024 and be sure to submit an interest form so that you will be notified when enrollment is open. If you have questions, please email lspathways@berkeley.edu.